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At Cortez Family Law, we are here to help you realize your dreams of adopting a child. Even though New Mexico favors children having two parents—whether those parents are biological, adoptive or same sex—you may still face legal obstacles. That’s why we’re here: to help the adoption process go as smoothly as possible, whether you’re seeking a step-parent adoption or same sex adoption.

Step-Parent Adoption

If the biological parent of your child is not involved in the child’s life, does not exercise visitation or pay child support and you are currently married, your spouse may qualify to adopt your child. Generally, the uninvolved biological parent must consent to the adoption and the relinquishment of his or her parental rights, but there are ways to obtain the adoption without that consent.  Step-parent adoption achieves the goal of providing two active and supportive parents for the child.

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Same Sex Adoption

Sometimes same sex couples have one biological child between them achieved through artificial insemination. Through adoption, the non-biological parent can become a legal parent of the child gaining all the same rights and obligations of the biological parent.

In either type of adoption, the non-biological parent becomes a legal parent with rights identical to those of the biological parent. If later, the union between the parents dissolves, each parent has equal custodial rights.

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