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If you are going through a divorce or separation, this is no doubt an overwhelming time in your life, filled with uncertainty and emotional pain. You may worry about who will obtain custody of your children, whether you will be able to receive or have to pay spousal support, or how your shared property will be divided. Equally as important is the wave of emotions that keep rising to the surface, threatening to drown you.

At Cortez Family Law, we address all of these concerns and provide individualized attention to ensure that you have everything you need to plan for your future. We possess the wisdom and experience gained from almost 20 years of legal practice. Since 1996, Cortez Family Law has helped divorcing couples through the most devastating time of their lives; we partner empathy with an intimate understanding of New Mexico State law to help you through the process in the way that you choose.

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We offer several different methods of resolving your on-going disputes:

Depending on your unique circumstances, we will help you through the divorce process using the method that’s best for helping you obtain your objectives.

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