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Attorney Testimonials

You are awesome Michelle!

Thank you for being there and confident.

I am truly blessed!

-Signed Victoria

Thank you, Michelle. After 9 years of attorneys, I am thankful to have finally found you. You had my daughters best interest in mind from the start and I really appreciate it. If I need an attorney again, it will be you.

Have a great day!

-Signed A.P.

Thank you Michelle….I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you being there for me during the last 8 months. I cannot thank you enough…

In retrospect, now that we are in therapy, the last week has been very stress free. We even have been able to speak to each other respectably In regards to the kids. My goal is to sustain it…

I do appreciate your willingness to help my boys secure a happier future. Your advice and words of wisdom have helped me realize a few things I need to do better as well…

-Signed M.S.

I’m a repeat client to Michelle Cortez’s law firm. The first time was a success and since then I have referred many people to her. She was good then and still good today. Thanks Michelle for sound support.

-Signed L.R.

Cortez family law has been my family attorney for over 5 years!  I highly recommend them for a number of reasons.  Michelle Cortez is well known by the Judicial system and Judges.  She is very active in the court system and all the Judges know her and see her often.  You want an attorney that is well received, respected and that the Judges know on a first name basis!  She is family oriented and really cares about the welfare of her clients and their families.  Her goal is to resolve difficult situations and to help the parties come to workable agreements!  I have referred her to all my clients that need a Family Law Attorney!  She offers, good solid legal advice and strategy!

-Signed M.C.

Michelle, you and William are just awesome.  You really helped me out, during your work hours but also after hours when we had a crisis.  I couldn’t thank you enough.  Your services are worth every penny.  Both you and William treated me with respect, and represented yourselves in a very professional manner.  I highly recommend Cortez Family to all in need.

-Signed D.G.

To find an attorney who works for your greatest interest, respects her clients concerns and who is proactive in resolving issues with ease and grace…look no further than Michelle Cortez.  Tough on issues that are fair.

-Signed L.M.G.

I’m super happy with your service and professionalism and I strongly feel that I have the best lawyer in town.  I would recommend you very highly to all my friends and associates if they ever need any help…………..I do appreciate all your hard work and your staff my friend.

-Signed X.R.V.

WELL…I have received very good service from the Cortez Family.  Very hard working individuals and I like the way that ya’ll try to help in any way possible and go to great lengths to help out in a case.  I’m actually very happy, so far, that I went through Cortez Family Law.

-Signed O.R.

Divorce is ugly and worse.  Ms. Cortez helped make the process easier.  How many times have you heard lawyers do not call you back?  Ms. Cortez was always timely in returning my calls.  I will use her again for my pre-nup and next divorce!!!!!

-Signed W.A.

As far as the firm, I was and am still pleased by you and your staff.

Everyone was reliable, trustworthy, and passionate about my family and me.  I felt as if I was the only client you had!

I, of course, would have not problem going back if and when I need to.

-Signed S.L.